Open Provenance Model Vocabulary

OPMV, the Open Provenance Model Vocabulary, provides terms to enable practitioners of data publishing to publish their data responsibly. The Open Provenance Model Vocabulary is based on the community provenance data model, the Open Provenance Model (OPM). Although at this development stage OPMV does not aims to be an exact implementation of OPM, this is one ultimate goal of the project. Our goal is that the OPMV will be used together with other provenance-related RDF/OWL vocabularies/ontologies (such as Dublin Core, FOAF, Changeset Vocabulary, and the Provenance Vocabulary). As being grounded on OPM, the OPMV aims to assist the interoperability between provenance inforamtion on the Semantic Web. In this release the OPMV Core only includes the three core concepts and five core properties defined by OPM, and it has yet implemented every structure specified in OPM. Also the OPMV Core introduces some terms and properties that are not specified in OPM, which could be mapped to OPM, similar to how DC terms being mapped to OPM. A complete mapping of OPMV as an OPM profile is our future work in the next release. This documents specifies the classes and properties introduced by OPMV core ontology.


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