Exif Data Description Vocabulary

An ontology to describe an Exif format picture data. All Exif 2.2 tags are defined as OWL properties (annotated by ‘exif:exifNumber’ in this vocabulary), as well as several terms to help this schema.


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EXIF For a Digital Image Including External Conditions

This vocabulary takes advantage of Exif’s IFD (Image File Directory) to express structured data description. While TIFF 6.0 attribute tags can be regarded as properties of image itself, many of Exif-specific attributes such as flash or fNumber are properties of picture taking condition, and GPS attributes are properties of a location. This vocabulary maps Exif directories to corresponding ‘Image File Data’ classes, and describes those class instances using properties in the IFD. Some tags have integer values whose interpretation are defined in the spec. In this vocabulary, those values are treated as controlled value resource, e.g. ‘#top-left’ instead of integer value ‘1’ for ‘orientation’ tag. more…

<foaf:Image rdf:about="">
  <exif:model>Canon IXY DIGITAL 30</exif:model>
  <exif:orientation rdf:resource="http://www.kanzaki.com/ns/exif#right-top"/>
    <exif:flash rdf:resource="http://www.kanzaki.com/ns/exif#Fired-compulsory-redeye"/>


Created: 2010-03-25T12:48:00Z
Modified: 2010-03-29T13:31:21Z

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