Extended FRBR Schema

Properties: referentially complements workis related to itemis part of workis related to expressionis part of manifestationis referentially related to workis a successor to expressionsupplements workis an adaptation of expressionis a reproduction of manifestationis a referential successor to expressionis an imitation of workis a sucessor to workis autonomously related to workis a transformation of workis related to workis a transformation of expressionis a translation of expressionis an abridgement of expressionhas part expressioncomplements expressionis referentially related to expressionreferentially supplements expressionis a referential successor to workis an alternative manifestation tois part of expressionis independent part of expressionis dependent part of workhas part itemhas dependent part expressionis independent part of workcomplements workis an imitation of expressionis related to manifestationreferentially supplements workis adaption of workhas independent part expressionis dependent part of expressionis a summary of workis a summary of expressionis autonomously related to expressionis a reconfiguration of itemhas part manifestationsupplements expressionis a revision of expressionis an arrangement of expressionhas dependent part workhas part workis part of itemis a reproduction of itemhas independent part work and referentially complements expression

Classes: referential expressionautonomous expressionreferential work and autonomous work


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