MOAT – Meaning Of A Tag

MOAT (Meaning Of A Tag) provides a Semantic Web framework to publish semantically-enriched content from free-tagging one. While tags are widely used in Web 2.0 services, their lack of machine-understandable meaning can be a problem for information retrieval. Especially people can use tags that have different meanings depending on the context (e.g.: “apple”), but can also use different tags to express the same thing (e.g.: “semweb”, “semantic_web”). Moreover, as tags as not related to each other, finding content might be an issue, especially to browse the long tail. MOAT aims to solve this by providing a way for users to define meaning(s) of their tag(s) using URIs of Semantic Web resources (such as URIs from DBpedia, geonames … or any knowledge base). Thanks to those relationships between tags and URIs of existing concepts, they can annotate content with those URIs rather than free-text tags, leveraging content into Semantic Web, by linking data together. This means modeling facts such as “In this blog post, I use the tag “apple” and I refer to <http://dbpedia.com/resource/Apple_Records>, not the fruit nor the computer brand”. Moreover, these tag meanings can be shared between people, providing an architecture of participation to define and exchange meanings of tags (as URIs) within a community of users.


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