NiceTag ontology

NiceTag is a tagging ontology that uses named graphs to model tag actions, reminiscent of speech acts. Tag actions, in turn, are used to model current uses of tag and reflect their variety. Relations between tagged resources and tag labels are also made explicit. Lessons learned from the “identity crisis” of the Semantic Web proved helpful when this ontology was built. Indeed, one will find a special emphasis on qualifying the resource being tagged that is drawn from the Identity of Resources on the Web (IRW) ontology. With NiceTag, such notions as integral to the architecture of the World Wide Web as identification, reference and access are put to use in the context of tagging. The position of the publisher of a URI and that of the tagger are also contrasted, and each others’ rights acknowledged. This ontology was also intended to improve interoperability between the numerous existing tag ontologies (Newman’s, TagOnt, SCOT, SIOC, MOAT, NAO, Common Tag, etc.).


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