Describing an Innovation

Describing an Innovation

i.e its usage and improvements

@prefix gr:  <> .
@prefix foaf:  <> .
@prefix rdf: <>.
@prefix dc: <>.
@prefix innovation: <>.
@prefix ex: <>.
@prefix dbpedia: <>.
@prefix ncicb: <>.

ex:glucose-monitor dc:title "Non invasive testing of blood glucose levels";
		   innovation:embodiedBy ex:lein-2000-glucose-meter;
		   innovation:hasImprovement <uuid:aaaaaaaa>.

ex:lein-2000 dc:title "The Lein 2000 blood glucose meter";
	     rdf:type gr:ProductOrServiceModel;
	     rdf:type innovation:Embodiment;
	     rdf:type ncicb:Diagnostic_Therapeutic_and_Research_Equipment;
	     innovation:hasUsage <uuid:bbbbbbbb>.

<uuid:bbbbbbbb> innovation:usedBy dbpedia:Physician;
		      innovation:usedOn dbpedia:Patient.

<uuid:aaaaaaaa> innovation:improvesEffectivenessOf dbpedia:Medical_Test


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