rogrammes Ontology

This ontology aims at providing a simple vocabulary for describing programmes. It covers brands, series (seasons), episodes, broadcast events, broadcast services, etc. Its development was funded by the BBC, and is heavily grounded on previous programmes data modelling work done there.


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Recommendation – SIMILARITY (basic)

How to make a basic Recommendation to a friend, based on your opinion of the similarity between two shows. more…

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<rdf:RDF xmlns:rdfs="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:rdf="" xmlns:dc="" xmlns:foaf=""  xmlns:sim="" xmlns:rec="" xmlns:mo="" xmlns:po=""  xmlns:mobiletv="">
	<po:programme rdf:about="#theDailyShow">
		<rdfs:seeAlso rdf:resource="" />
	<po:programme rdf:about="#theColbertReport">
		<rdfs:seeAlso rdf:resource="" />
	<rec:Recommendation rdf:about="">
		<rec:recommender rdf:resource="" />
		<rec:recommendation_audience rdf:resource="" />
		<sim:subject rdf:resource="#theDailyShow" />
		<rec:recommendation_object rdf:resource="#theColbertReport" />
		<rec:for rdf:resource="#theDailyShow" />
			<sim:Similarity rdf:about="#myObviousSimilarity">
				<sim:element rdf:resource="#theDailyShow" />
				<sim:element rdf:resource="#theColbertReport" />
				<dc:description>These shows are really just two sides of the same coin. Though the hosts pretend to have a long-standing rivalry due to differing political views, their friendship is noticeable, and the differing political views mostly imaginary. Many members of the original Daily Show production moved across the street to the set of The Colbert Report to bring the same production qualities and style to the newer show. Colbert has proven the more aggressive but Stewart still holds his own and subtly gets the best of Colbert (as per the script... but hey, I love it anyway as long as their exchanges are worth a laugh).</dc:description>
					<foaf:Person rdf:about="#me">
						<foaf:name>Bryan Copeland</foaf:name>
						<foaf:homepage rdf:resource="" />
						<rdfs:seeAlso rdf:resource="" />
                                                <mobiletv:community rdf:resource="">
                                                   <mobiletv:friends rdf:resource="">
                                                     <foaf:knows rdf:resource="bcmoney"/>
                                                     <foaf:knows rdf:resource="TheLyle"/>
                                                     <foaf:knows rdf:resource="DCWorks"/>
                                                     <foaf:knows rdf:resource="Jaysay"/>
                                                     <foaf:knows rdf:resource="shannyc"/>
                                                     <foaf:knows rdf:resource="devomax"/>
                                                     <foaf:knows rdf:resource="rballs"/>
                                                     <foaf:knows rdf:resource="dick"/>
                                                     <foaf:knows rdf:resource="Greg"/>
                                                     <foaf:knows rdf:resource="NANA"/>
                                                     <foaf:knows rdf:resource="cartermatty"/>
                                                     <foaf:knows rdf:resource="roma"/>           
                                                     <foaf:knows rdf:resource="RStyles"/>                                          
                                                     <foaf:knows rdf:resource="pragmatic_guy"/>
                                                     <foaf:knows rdf:resource="logester"/>
                                                     <foaf:knows rdf:resource="kedarwavde"/>
                                                     <foaf:knows rdf:resource="OwenRyuto"/>
                                                     <foaf:knows rdf:resource="sdcnnng"/>

An Episode of the Sky At Night

A description of one episode of the TV series “The Sky at Night” more…

@prefix po: <> .
@prefix dc: <> .

    dc:title "A Journey through Space and Time" ;
    po:genre <> ;
    po:long_synopsis """Patrick Moore presents a retrospective of five
                        decades of The Sky at Night, recalling the
                        history of space exploration from the first
                        Russian Sputnik, the major astronomical
                        discoveries over half a century, and the people
                        he has met, from Orville Wright to Neil
                        Armstrong.""" ;
    po:masterbrand <> ;
    po:medium_synopsis """Patrick Moore looks back over five decades of
                          The Sky at Night, recalling the history of
                          space exploration and the major astronomical
                          discoveries.""" ;
    po:microsite <> ;
    po:short_synopsis """Patrick Moore presents a retrospective of five
                       decades of The Sky at Night.""" ;
    po:version <> ;
    a po:Episode .

    po:episode <> ;
    a po:Brand .