eification Vocabulary

A vocabulary for describing RDF statements. Contains terms for the symbols and constructs used by RDF such as blank nodes, URIs, literals and statements.


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Reification of a graph

An RDF graph is a set of statements. RDF itself doesn’t have the concept of a set, it only has the concept of an ordered list (RDF collection). However, the OWL relation owl:oneOf related a class to a list of its members, and so we can form a set the set containing 3 4 and 5 as [ owl:oneOf (3 4 5)] . using this convention, we can describe an RDF Graph as the set of statements. For example, the graph whose contents which would be written, in N3 as ex:joe ex:name “James Doe”. ex:jane ex:name “Jane Doe”. would be described in this ontology as: more…

@prefix rei: <> .
@prefix owl: <> .
[] a rei:RDFGraph;
   rei:statements [ owl:oneof (
      [ a rei:Statement;
  rei:subject [rei:uri ""];
  rei:predicate [rei:uri ""];
  rei:object [rei:value "James Doe"]
      [ a rei:Statement;
  rei:subject [rei:uri ""];
  rei:predicate [rei:uri ""];
  rei:object [rei:value "Jane Doe"]
      ] ) .