SWAN Scientific Discourse Ontology

Defines terms that describe the elements of scientific discourse such as research questions, statements and comments. The SWAN Scientific Discourse ontology represents the current semantic backbone of the SWAN project. The purpose of the ontology is to function as the schema of a distributed knowledgebase in Alzheimer Disease, and to link information in that knowledgebase with other information in biomedicine. SWAN (Semantic Web Applications in Neuromedicine) is an interdisciplinary project to develop a practical, common, semantically-structured, framework for biomedical discourse initially applied, but not limited, to significant problems in Alzheimer Disease (AD) research. The SWAN ontology of scientific discourse has been developed in the context of building a series of applications for biomedical researchers, as well as extensive discussions and collaborations with the larger bio-ontologies community.


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Created: 2010-03-29T10:19:19Z
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